Neon Rush is back!


The third instalment of the ever-popular charity night run is back again. This time, our well-received run is bigger than ever and with more vibrant colours to boot! If you are a Mirian or even local, you would have undoubtedly heard of our event. And if not, we wholeheartedly welcome you to join us!


If you’re new to Neon Rush, fret not! We can guarantee that you will have a great time! So get yourself ready for a cool night of running shenanigans fit for everyone.


Neon Rush 3.0 will be held on the 5th of October 2019, 7.30pm at Miri Times Square.


To those on the fence about joining our humble event, we implore you to decide at the soonest. And if you need that extra push or motivation to join our charity run, then you’ve come to the right place!


Here’s why you should join Neon Rush 3.0 a.k.a Neon Rush 2019


Neon Rush 3.0 For A Good Cause


neon rush 3.0 charity run


Think about the children!


Okay, all jokes aside. The Neon Rush charity run has always been organized for the benefit of the less fortunate. In this case, the event is held in conjunction with PIBAKIS (Persatuan Bagi Ibu Bapa Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Miri). Neon Rush’s main purpose is to always shine a light on the struggles of the unfortunate, as well as encourage community participation.


By exposing the masses to their hardships, it is our hope that the community will take a more proactive approach to support the needy.


And if that wasn’t motivation enough, well, think about the good karma you’ll be collecting by joining!


Neon Rush 3.0 For A Healthier You


neon rush 3.0 healthy living exercise jogging
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If you’re out of good will to give (doubtful, but we digress), then what about joining for your own sake? More specifically, do it for your health.


Everyone knows cardio is good for you. And what does Neon Rush entail? A fun, 6km run around the city in the cool breeze of night. What more could you ask for? 


Of course, naysayers will argue that one run won’t benefit your health that much. And we agree to an extent. Though, we’d also argue that it could be the kick-in-the-arse that you needed to get your health back on track.


Think about it. Taking part in the run and being a part of the camaraderie amongst the other runners. Enjoying the fruits of your labour and immersing yourself in your “runner’s high”.


All this in combination could be the wake-up call you needed to get into the habit of exercising. Subsequently, your heart and body will thank you for your “selfishness”.


Neon Rush 3.0 Has Plenty of Goodies


neon rush 3.0 goodies t-shirts glow sticks medal


When it comes down to it, we’re guessing you’re here for the goodies that Neon Rush has in store. Well, you won’t be disappointed!


With the theme of neon, our goodies will absolutely leave you starstruck. Firstly, you’ll be given a Neon Rush 2019 runner’s kit when you join our run. This kit includes an Ultron dry-fit graphic T-shirt and several neon-themed accessories. Expect glow sticks, glow bands, glow body paint, and finger lights. Just imagine the fun you’ll have!


And if you were to complete the run, you’ll also receive a fresh Neon Rush medal. Fittingly, the medal even glows in the dark!


In Closing


There you have it, our reasons for you to join Neon Rush 3.0 has been laid out. The ball’s in your court now. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and register today!


Neon Rush 3.0 has been organized in conjunction with Bulan Sukan Negara.