Neon Rush is an annual 6 km charity run organized by iPrima Media Sdn Bhd since 2017. On 5th October 2019, the charity run is set to return for a third year, promising a fun, entertaining and engaging running experience for runners’ community in Miri Times Square. Neon, as the event’s chosen theme, will be reflected in T-shirt designs and special items, i.e. glowing sticks, LED fingles, hair bands, neon-face body paints & decorations.


Mission & Vision

Neon Rush’s Sponsored Party – PIBAKIS (Persatuan Bagi Ibu Bapa Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Miri)


The primary aim of the event is to promote NGOs that support the needy in Miri and Sarawak. We seek to support the Miri community by changing lives and helping people thrive. Therefore, Neon Rush provides businesses the unique opportunity to connect with the community, build awareness and show support toward an important cause, i.e. helping children in need.

It is our hope that the event will serve a secondary purpose – to transform Mirians into an empathetic, compassionate and committed community whom are willing to contribute to society through their involvement in different acts in order to support and empower people who currently undergo hardship and illness.


Make A Difference & Have Fun Running!

neon rush marathon finishing
Happy Faces From Neon Rush 2017 & 2018


In a nutshell, we deeply believe that Neon Rush 2019 will be a community event for the masses like no other! Looking to enjoy a fun run while giving back to the community? Then you should not miss out this golden opportunity because your active participation will be a great contribution to the community!

The online & offline registration for Neon Rush 2019 is ongoing RIGHT NOW! Head to our official website and Facebook page for more information and keep Neon Rush a part of Miri’s Tradition for years to come!